Thursday, July 18, 2013


Kefir! Probiotic gut goodness!

  As Jenna Marbles would say "What ARE this?"  That was my reaction to Kefir.  At first I thought I couldn't have it because there was that 1% problem but then my husband tried it and was totally fine.  So I tried and I'm totally fine!  It my new morning routine and it's awesome to have the taste of yogurt back in my life!  The lactose free yogurts are never really QUITE the same, ya know?
  Their website actually states that it "alleviates" lactose intolerance....HUH!?  I don't know about that yet but check it out! Lifeway: Kefir
  I have not figured out the difference between 0 grams of lactose and 99% lactose free (how large is that 1%?!)  BUT I have had a very distracting morning as you can see below :)
Ghost!  My 9 week old Samoyed!
This is was what was so distracting this morning!

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