Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Restaurant Review: Murphy's On The Green

Restaurant Review: Murphy's On The Green
Rating: Level Awesomesauce
  I turn 28 tomorrow, getting closer to 30!  At least as of tomorrow Jesse will begin the time period where he is only 7 years older than I am and leaves the couple of months behind where he is "8 years" older than I am.  I love to endlessly tease him about that.
  Tonight we randomly decided to eat out.  I had not eaten much all day and it was getting to be later than we usually eat and I was entering "hangry" land.  Hangry = hungry + angry.  Hangry is the phenomenon that seems to mostly affect women as their blood sugar gets low, or so I have noticed.
  We landed at Murphy's which is a never fail good food place.  They use local produce and are continuously switching up their menu to offer new and fresh tastes.  The service is always professional and helpful and the atmosphere is warm, welcoming and comfortable.  It is one of those places that doesn't have to pretend to be anything, it just is.  It just is a more upscale without being snooty place to go with friends for drinks, enjoying the sports game, bringing a visiting intellectual who is also vegan, date, business lunch, or family dinner kind of place.  It is everything.
  It's also warm and interesting.  It might be the only place I have been to in a long time that is lit by incandescent bulbs and it is wonderful.  I love the warm color of light the incandescent lights give off.  They are just the right brightness without being even close to too bright or having that annoying hum of LED/fluorescent lights.  Additionally, the walls are lined with books.  Some of the books are just covers for show but many still contain their pages.  If you happen to sit next to a wall with books then you should open a few, over the years patrons have left their own poetry, sayings, lines from other books, jokes...and the occasional inappropriate comment or drawing (it is walking distance to a college!).
  The bar is excellent.  The wait staff and bartenders are always knowledgeable about beer, wine and spirits.  Today our waitress quickly picked up that my husband was looking for an "interesting" beer and steered him straight towards a hoppy beer he had never had and now has thoroughly enjoyed!
  The food, always always always good and there is always something new and exciting to try.  Check out the menu here: Dinner-Menu.  Right up front our waitress knew what lactose intolerant was, big score.  She clearly did not mind checking on the ingredients of the dish we wanted.  Thank you for not making me feel like I'm a pain in the ass for something I can't help.  She was polite, pleasant, and appropriately attentive.  Jesse and I both got the Flounder Fish and Chips and LOVED it.  We opted out of the coleslaw (just in case and to avoid her having to ask another question) so she offered up another fresh vegetable!  It always peeves me a little when I can't eat something so the restaurant just leaves an empty spot on the plate.  This may seem little but it was delicious, the vegetable was carrots.  The carrots were steamed and presented in a light amount of olive oil, garlic, onion, and black pepper.  SO GOOD.  The carrots were still firm but not raw and the flavors were just so spot on.
  Murphy's is definitely "polished casual" and everything else.  Thank you Murphy's for an all around wonderful experience.  I 100% recommend this restaurant to anyone and especially to those of us who have special diet needs.  I know they will take care of you.  One thing though: should always have Cabot cheddar!  I love getting "The Murph Burger" which usually comes with American Cheese on it, which we lactards cannot eat.  Occasionally Murphy's will use Cabot cheddar on one of their other dishes and I love those times because I ask for it on the burger!

Visit their website: Murphy's On The Green

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