Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Guacamole mole mole mole mole!

I love guacamole.  I have a couple of friends who also apparently LOVE guacamole.  Jesse and I had bought two very large Florida avocados while shopping for hurricane Sandy food but we bought them more as a novelty because neither of us had ever seen them before.

Originally Jesse and I were going to have a house warming/post wedding party at our house but canceled it because hurricane Sandy was supposed to be spreading her foul weather over the area...this did not happen.  So instead we went to trivia as per usual on Sunday night and invited just a couple people to swing by before heading to trivia.  I decided to make guacamole and it was DEVOURED!

I very very loosely followed a recipe so I'm not even going to bother to tell you where to look for it because I made SO many changes.

  • 2 large Florida avocados
  • 1 normal sized regular avocado (which I had to add because I added too much lime juice)
  • Bottled lime juice equivalent to the juice of 1 lime
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup diced red onion
  • 2 tablespoons of that cilantro in a bottle that is like fresh cilantro
  • 2 roma tomatoes...unless they are bigger than normal (like the ones I got) then use only 1
  • 4 cloves of fresh garlic
  • Chili powder to taste (be generous!)
  • Peel and pit your avocados.
  • In a medium sized bowl mash the avocados with the lime juice and salt.
  • Mix in the onion, cilantro, tomatoes and garlic
  • Liberally add chili powder, don't be afraid.  Mix in, taste and you could probably add more! 
This was a quicky post but I definitely think you should try it.  It was absolutely devoured by 2 of my friends and highly praised by another 2 who couldn't get anywhere near it because of the first 2 devouring it :).

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