Wednesday, October 10, 2012


First of all: I'm posting from my phone. I have never tried this before but I'm bored at the airport!

One question I get A LOT is how can you eat mayonnaise? Well. Mayo does NOT contain dairy. I think this may go back to the egg thing...where people think eggs are dairy (see previous post).

I got into a discussion about mayo with a good friend and whether or not it contains dairy. She thought it does and was very firm in that statement. I started to doubt myself because she is like the food guru. She eats great and is on top of working out and eating well. I don't know what kind she eats so I'm not ruling out that her kind might contain dairy but I looked up several different kinds and they all are similar to the nutrition fact picture I posted.

I wanted to share this with you all just in case you also thought you couldn't eat it. There are many many kinds that do NOT contain dairy.

Finished this between sessions at the Magnet Nursing Conference! Time for the next session! Post again soon!

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