Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Maine Lobster aka Lobstah!

Maine Lobster also known as "Lobstah!"

OK, to do this right you must:
Get in yah cah and drive up to Yahmuth, go to Day's and buy some Lobstah.  Ayuh, you'll have a wicked good time.

Translation: Get in your car and drive to Yarmouth, go to Day's and buy some Lobster.  You'll have a really great time.

Or you could just go to your local grocer, they will have lobster in the seafood section :).  It might even be Maine lobster!
  • 1 lobster per person, roughly 1 and a quahtah poundahs (1 and a quarter pounders) 
    • I would recommend getting 1-2 extra just in case someone wants more :), you can always make lobster rolls with the leftovers! (I had an extra and that's what I did!
  • some kind of side (I made corn on the cob)
  • dash of salt
  • water
  • Get out a big and tall pot with a lid, fill to about 2 inches of water.
  • Bring to a big bubble boil.
  • Put the lobsters to sleep.  You do this by holding them by their bodies upside down till they stop moving.  You don't have to do this but there is a lot less trying to escape the boiling water if you do.
  • Once your water is BIG BUBBLE boiling you can add a dash of salt (I think I forgot this step so clearly it's not critical).
  • Add the lobsters quickly, and cover the pot.
  • DO NOT TURN DOWN THE HEAT, bring that water back to a boil as fast as you can.
  • You are going to boil (you're really kind of steaming them) for 15 minutes.
  • This can get messy!  Once the water is boiling again (and it will let you know by boiling over most likely!) you can slowly start to turn the heat down but keep it at a nice aggressive boil.
  • After 15 minutes remove the lobster from the pot, I emptied mine into a strainer and then rinsed them with warm water.
  • These dudes are going to be HOT so give it a minute before you try opening one!
For those of you who can eat butter (some lactards can tolerate certain types of dairy) go ahead and melt some in a little glass/bowl to dip your lobster meat in.

To eat the lobster I hope you purchased some claw crackers!  You are most definitely going to need them!  They can pretty much be found anywhere, you could probably get some at your grocery store.

Things to remember when eating Lobstah!:
  • First of all, name him.  My lobsters have always been Louie ever since I was a kid.  Louie the Lobster.  Sometimes Louie is really Louise if you catch my drift
  • The shell is holding a ton of water so always always always open your lobster over a BIG BOWL (also great to put the shell pieces in when you are done with them).
  • Move all the joints over the bowl of the piece you took off, they could be blocking a lot of water from draining out.
  • The legs have a lot of really good meat in them, be patient and gentle and you can get it all.
  • Most important!  Have fun.  Lots of fun!  Enjoy this, don't try to eat it pretty.  Try to it eat fun!
Lobstah cookin' music: Angel Eyes by Love and Theft

He made a face at me so obviously I had to make one back!

If you get more than one lobster you HAVE to have lobster races.

Here is my Lobster story.  I was in Maine for several days working on wedding stuff and missing Jesse who had to stay home and work.  I decided to bring back to New Hampshire a Maine delicacy, Lobster.  I picked up 4 good ones, asked for an ice pack and started home.  Got home and Jesse and I had a lot of fun prepping a little romantic dinner for two. 

Yes, that is Bourbon on the table.  I will be starting another blog soon: The Amber Analysis.

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