Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spinach Pineapple Turkey Pizza

*Spinach Pineapple & Turkey Pizza*

“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.” - Dave Barry

One of my first thoughts when I realized I was full on lactarded was that I wouldn't be able to eat pizza anymore.  As fortune would have it that is not actually true in any way shape or form :)  It might just take a little work.  I sometimes find that when I go out to eat that the restaurant has some Cabot cheese around that they could make my pizza with, granted I eat out a lot in NH and VT and Cabot is located in VT....so chances are probably higher that the places in these states have it.  (Don't forget about dough though, you never know what they are putting in it so remember to ask!)

Or, you could just make your own!  This is often a better (and safer) option.  Jesse usually makes us turkey pepperoni pizza which is awesome but I decided to try adding some different ingredients to it!


  • 1 Rustic Crust classic sourdough old world pizza crust (mouthful of a name!)
    • this crust is awesome!
  • Roughly 1/2 can Muir Glen Organic Pizza Sauce
  • Cabot Shredded Sharp Cheese
  • Cabot Shredded Extra Sharp Cheese
  • Pizza Seasoning (Mine is from The Nutmeg Spice Co.)
  • Chopped Garlic
  • Sweet Onion (Vidalia)
  • Red onion
  • Fresh Spinach
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • 99% Fat Free ground turkey - I forgot to write down how much I used, whoops!
  • Pineapple chunks canned in 100% pineapple juice...not syrup
You will notice that I didn't really give you quantities in the ingredients, that's because it's pretty subjective.  Put however much you like that will stay on the crust of course.
  • Pre-heat oven to 400F
  • Pre-cook the ground turkey, don't use raw.
  • Lightly grease a cookie sheet or use a pizza stone
  • place the crust on the cookie sheet
  • start spooning sauce onto crust, remember it is easier to add more than to take off some
  • sprinkle about a half and half mix of the sharp and extra sharp cheddar (sometimes we use the Cabot Mozzarella too!) - the more cheese you use, the less healthy this pizza is - that being said I'm a cheese monster so I completely get it if you pile on the cheddar :)
  • Sprinkle pizza seasoning, we like it a tiny bit heavy on the flavor. Why do it if you're not going to taste it?
  • Add your chopped garlic, I use the same reasoning as with the seasoning (poet!)
  • Dice up some sweet onion and red onion, sprinkle about
  • Chop up the spinach and layer that on
  • Chop up your red bell pepper (I used red strictly for the color, lately I have been into multi-colored food)
  • Heavily sprinkle on your turkey
  • Place pineapple chunks, you might even want to make a pattern out of them for fun haha!  They are heavy though so don't go crazy because then it will be difficult to eat your pizza without all of your toppings falling off.
  • Bake for approximately 22 minutes, this heavily depends on your stove so just watch for when the turkey and other items start to lightly brown (the pineapple won't, it's just too juicy for that).  Before you burn your toppings you will burn the bottom of your crust.
  • Eat eat eat!
This pizza was GREAT!  I LOVE pineapple on pizza.  It's juicy and sweet without being too sweet.  This is completely random but all of a sudden I am craving buffalo chicken pizza with sweet onions and pineapple, would be stellar, next time!

Make your own pizza, take some photos and let me know how it goes and I'll talk about it on this blog! Have fun experimenting!

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