Thursday, June 21, 2012

Strawberry 'Delight' Pie

So the other night my co-worker Barry was teasing me for talking about being a lactard since in his definition that means farting a lot, can you tell he is a boy?  haha!  So I decided to retaliate by making a super delicious strawberry pie and bringing it to work JUST to show him what Lactarded is all about :).  He has eaten the chocolate chip cookies I make so he should already get it but clearly I have to drive the message home!  I realized AFTER I made the lines in the crust I should have marked it with a B just for him but it was too late.
I woke up a little early JUST to do this so I'm really happy that everyone loved it and that it has been devoured (I saved a piece for Jesse though!)  I'm really glad I had everything I needed because otherwise I would have been REALLY upset at myself for waking up early for no reason.  No worries though, pie time was ON!

  • 1/4 cup 1 minute quick cooking tapioca
  • 2 pastry shells (Pillsbury makes DELICIOUS ones that are lactose free)
  • 1 cup of granulated sugar
  • 1.5 QUARTS of strawberries
    • cut them in half if they are super big
  • 1 tablespoon Earthbalance vegan butter substitute
  • Organic vegetable shortening
  • preheat your oven to 425 degrees F
  • grease 9in pie plate
  • place one pastry shell in pie plate and mold to plate
    • allow to come to room temperature, will be easier to work with
  • combine sugar and tapioca in a bowl
  • spread 1/3 sugar+tapioca mixture on bottom of pie
  • fill with all of the strawberries
  • spread the remaining sugar+tapioca mixture evenly over the strawberries
  • cut up butter substitute and dot over top of the sugar mixture (see photo)
  • cover everything with second pastry shell
  • flute the edges
    • this is a very juicy pie so do this carefully and really try to seal the edges
  • make some vent cuts in the top of the pie (pattern doesn't matter but don't overdo it)
  • brush pastry shell with a small amount of the organic vegetable shortening
  • cover a cookie sheet with tinfoil (to save it from any juice overflow and make cleaning up easier)
  • place pie on cookie sheet and place in oven on the middle rack
  • cook for 40 minutes
  • remove, allow to cool (the more it cools the thicker the juice gets! this is a good thing)
  • serve!
    • also would definitely suggest serving with a dollop of Lactaid vanilla ice-cream!
I would also like to mention how absolutely mouth watering your entire house will smell!  I didn't want to go to work just so I could stay there and smell the pie smell!

I will also give credit for the name of this blog post to my student Katie!  "Who I love very much."  :-D It's been a great first night together I would say!  She is so excited, which I LOVE.  I think we have an amazing and caring future nurse on our hands!

Now I think I will end this with a quote from Barry: "I think I am going to lick this plate."


  1. That's too funny! Jesse's cousin Sarah used to say when she was little, "I just want to kiss that pie, mommy!"