Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pickin' Some Strawberries, VT style

What do you do on a PERFECT day when you are supposed to be mowing the lawn, cleaning out the basement, killing vines in the yard and many many other things?  You do none of the above and you go strawberry picking :).  It wasn't difficult for Jesse to convince me to abandon our previous plans and pick up this new one.  We had run out of my jam that I made last year a couple of months ago and Jesse  decided it was time for me to make some more!

I will actually be making the jam tomorrow but I thought I would post a couple photos from our day :). We went to an organic pick your own farm in VT on the river.  Gorgeous.  Perfect blue sky with big white puffy clouds.

We started out in a couple rows picking some very small but delicious berries and accidentally found ourselves in the pink ribbon rows (which supposedly weren't "ready yet.").  Not being ready yet I think means this is where all the gigantic red berries are hiding.  Admittedly we figured out we were in the wrong spot pretty quick but we stayed and picked some big ones before moving back out of the area and covering the big ones with a bunch more of the puny ones in the "ready" rows.

Did we feel guilty?  A little yeah...but...if we didn't pick them they would have gone bad!  Seriously, one more day and no go.  Well anyway, karma bit me.  I lost my sunglasses.  Going to go back tomorrow and see if anybody turned them in.  Sad face.

So tonight Jesse and I removed the strawberry tops and washed the berries.  That's it for preparation.  We did also eat some O:).  Here are some pics from our day!  Be looking for the blog post about making jam in the next day or so!

This berry is exactly why I call my jam "The Ugly Fruit."  Jesse likes to eat the "perfect" ones so I use whatever is left, like this gem!  Beauty (or lack thereof) doesn't effect taste!

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