Monday, June 11, 2012

National Lactard Awareness Month

That's right!  I have dubbed June National Lactard Awareness Month (It's really National Dairy Month).  So this month I will be taking some certain days that are National Dairy Something and I will be revamping them for us lactards!

First, an apology that I have been MIA for so long.  Jesse and I closed on our house last Monday so we are now officially homeowners!  We foolishly thought that we could paint a couple of rooms and move in easily...WRONG.  Thanks to LOTS of help we are in the house, out of our apartment and organizing our living space.  We LOVE our house!

Also, a little over a week ago was my bridal shower!  It was fabulous and it was really great to get all those friends and family together!  What was also fun was seeing some lactose free food there!  I'll start by talking about something a little sweet!  Chocolate covered strawberries!

Refer back to the post with the chocolate covered peanut butter morsels.  Same chocolate recipe but different inside ;).  Chocolate Dip Recipe

So you will obviously need strawberries (and toothpicks!).  Wash them and let them THOROUGHLY dry.  You don't want any water on them.  Place some wax paper on a tray while waiting for the strawberries to dry.  Once they are dry heat up the chocolate coating and dip away!  Experiment a little bit  with how long/short you dip them for different thicknesses.  Place chocolate covered strawberry on wax paper and allow to set (can also put in the fridge to speed up the process).  You can remove the toothpick or serve them with (might be easier for people to pickup/eat.

This is me painting the ceiling at 10pm...busy week!!!

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