Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bold & Spicy Brown Sugar Burger

Yup, Jesse and I became very proud homeowners recently.  In the one week we allowed ourselves to do painting and moving we learned sooooo much.  We couldn't have done it without the help of our family and friends, THANK YOU!  This is a double hitting blog post.  I'm going to share what our first meal was in the house and what we christened the grill with.  Ready?

Our first meal: Breakfast!!!

My sister, Rebecca (a non lactard) came down to help us move (and thank goodness she did!!!!).  We took her to breakfast one day and then decided to make breakfast the next.  I was also itching to use my new Cuisinart Griddler!!!!!!  I decided to do something super difficult...you might have a hard time repeating it...Eggs in a Blanket :)

  • lactose free bread
  • lactose free butter replacement
  • organic eggs
  • lactose free cheddar cheese (maybe some lactose free cheddar jack?)
  • turn on super awesome griddler
  • spray on some olive oil or grease with lactose free butter substitute
  • rip out a circle from the center of the bread (this part can be kinda fun!)
  • spread butter substitute on bread and place bread on griddler
  • crack egg open into hole in the bread
  • when the egg looks pretty stable, flip the bread + egg
  • place one slice cheese on top and allow to melt
  • scarf
Yummy yummy in my tummy!  So at this point we had no furniture so we had to find places on the floor. We were a little beaten, sore and exhausted but we had a full day of work ahead of us and it was time to get fueled up!

Christening the grill: BURGERS BABAY!

After the week was over Jesse and I found ourselves alone in the new house...what do we do now?  We invite over some friends and break out the new Weber grill!  First we decided to go get some soft serve...where a kid whacked Jesse's car with his dad's car door...major bummer.  At least the dad had the decency to come find us and not drive off.  Don't know what's involved in fixing it yet but it's a decent dent.

Anyway.  From there we decided to keep on with the plan and went to the grocery store to get some stuuuuuff!

  • lactose free burger buns (wheat is better!)
  • lean ground beef (2 lbs served 8...well until Hillary dropped hers then it served 7)
  • 1 small sweet onion
  • 3-4 cloves fresh garlic
  • bold & spicy A1 sauce (lactose free!)
  • lactose free brown sugar BBQ sauce
  • lactose free cheese (we used sharp cheddar)
  • Put ground beef in a large bowl
  • finely chop up about 1/2 of the sweet onion and add to bowl
  • smash the garlic cloves and add to bowl
  • add approx 2 tablespoon of A1 sauce (I eye-balled)
  • add approx 2.5 tablespoons of brown sugar BBQ sauce
  • wash your hands :) and then (here is the fun part) mix with your hands!
  • separate into 8 burger patties and GRILL AWAY!
  • bite into your juicy burger of awesomeness!
We had these burgers, some brews and this fruit salad :)
Also, Jesse shared with me one of his mom's (Sally) tricks for garlic!  Ever try peeling the skin off a garlic clove?  Not easy, unless you slightly smash it.

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