Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Very Merry Molly's Cinco de Mayo

So I know I have already done a Molly's review but this restaurant never fails and I think that deserves to be discussed.  I think I would call this the best restaurant in Hanover, hands down.  Never fails on the food, the service, the ambiance nor the drink.  Be proud Molly's, Hanover is picky and you're the fun friend.

Jesse and I had a great afternoon on the Molly's patio with our friends Ian, Henry and Angela.  Ian, Jesse and I all got ribs and I am happy to announce they were good (way better than 3 Guys Basement BBQ!).  One problem though...the sneak lactotacked us!  Jesse has gotten them before and only needed a couple pills but we paid dearly for their deliciousness last night.  Could it be just the surface they cooked them on?  BBQ is not usually a place where lactose is lurking.  ANYWAY.

The service NEVER disappoints, so great, attentive and quick!  Professional.  This restaurant has a pretty decent amount of lactose free options, dropped a business card so maybe they will be in touch ;).

Some other very exciting news:  got my first little sunburn of the season today, I needed the D3 badly.  Also, ran into Dr. Afif, which is always a pleasure and learned a fun fact...he is a LACTARD!  If you want some great food and a great time Molly's is the place to go.  Here are some pics of our Margarita Afternoon.

Thank you Molly's!!!!

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