Saturday, May 5, 2012

Restaurant Review: Three Tomatoes Trattoria

So today was one of the most fabulous days ever and it started at Three Tomatoes Trattoria.  Despite the fact that today is a mexican holiday (cinco de mayo) it was voter's choice that the next restaurant to be reviewed was Three Tomatoes in Lebanon NH and I would like to say THANK YOU.

Jesse and I woke up late so we ended up doing a late lunch, by the time we got to Three Tomatoes it was 2pm and eventually we were the only people in the restaurant.  Our waitress was great, not very knowledgeable about what the bar well drinks were but eager to please which is all that matters.  She recommended their italian margarita for an afternoon drink and it was well worth the $7.50.  Jesse and I both got one and were happy with the heavy handed pours :).

While waiting for our meals from the very fairly priced and diverse menu we nibbled on french bread dipped in fresh garlic and olive oil.  I ordered short neck clams in marinara over spaghetti, average ($12.95).  Jesse ordered what I am now calling THE BEST SANDWICH EVER ($11.00).  It was A to the MAZING.  It is a panini off their specials menu and has pulled pork, red onions and honestly I don't remember what else but that should be enough for you to find it!

The decor of Three Tomatoes is fantastic, in an odd way.  It is a clash (that works) of old italian mural, country kitchen and metro diner with modern tables and presentation.  While there are not a lot of lactose free options (not very lactard safe) there is enough to work with and we were SO pleased that we are going to make a definite point of going back.  Three Tomatoes is not a place we typically think of going out to eat at but we will definitely be adding it to the rotation especially since they have an outdoor eating area :).  Also, definitely worth the $45.73 (before tip) that our bill rounded out too.  We could have gone with cheaper lunch options if we were not lactards but we aren't and remember the margaritas were $7.50 each but heavy poured!

So thanks to Three Tomatoes and our wonderful experience there we decided to continue the day of awesomeness and drove to our house (which we are only under contract on :-p) and sat in the driveway for a minute...from there we decided to get soft serve ice-cream (which is extremely low in lactose B T DUBS and may only cost the worst lactard a couple of lactaid pills).  While waiting in line for ice-cream we saw several interesting of which was a guy in a ski hat and shorts and sandals...dude, decide, you can't be in two seasons at once so just pick one.  Another interesting character was everyone's favorite I'm sure: Mr. Stand in your Bubble and HIT you with my elbow every time I turn around...AND...never acknowledge it!  People are so weird and entertaining.

From there we raised some troops and parked it at Molly's in Hanover for several hours.  $2 margaritas all around, interspersed with delicious coffee, beer and RIBS which were way better than the ones I had at 3 Guys Basement BBQ BUT they did cause a lacto-tack for both Jesse and I.  Jesse has had them before with very little issue so we are thinking maybe they cooked them on something that butter on it?  Maybe there is some dairy in the BBQ sauce but that's not usually a culprit.  ANYWAY, the sun shone down on us for hours and when it finally went to bed our server turned on the gas fireplace in the middle of our table.  Great day, great food, great drinks, great friends...perfection.

Completely entertaining moment was when indecisive ski short dude and the rest of the ice-cream line showed up and joined us on the Molly's bum/summer dude/stalker/great mind thinking alike.


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