Monday, May 21, 2012

Restaurant Review: Moe's

Do you know what Moe's is?  I didn't.  Here is what it is: southwest grill-esque Subway with a touch of Panera.  Big bonus, they have a sense of humor but I will get to that later.

Be prepared, when you walk in they will yell "Welcome to Moe's!"  It can be a little startling.  From there you pick from a smallish menu but it has everything you will need: salads, tacos, burritos, fajitas and so on.  Once you've decided step up to the counter and begin the Subway style build your own deal.  This is actually kinda nice (especially as a lactard because it was easy to make it dairy free).  The employees were very nice and were keeping their work station clean and neat.

The food:
  • Several vegetarian options.
  • all natural, cage-free chicken
  • steroid free, grain fed pulled pork
  • 100% sirloin, grass fed steak
  • Organic tofu
  • Salsa bar
  • Ice-cream/Soft-serve
The Restaurant:
  • Advertise no microwaves, no trans fat, no msg
  • all the music is from musicians who are no longer with us: like Michael Jackson to honor their work
  • Sense of humor!  Check out the bathroom doors, names of menu items and the employee's shirts
  • Clean and neat
  • Catering
So anyway, this is not fine dining.  If you're in the mood for something quick, warm and good then this place will definitely do the job.  I did like my meal quite a bit and loved that it cost me a mere $8.  :)

Oh, GREAT place to bring your kids!!

Let me know what you think of Moe's!

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