Friday, April 13, 2012

Tomato Lemon Basil Chicken

  I got to go home to visit my parents for the last two nights which was really nice and overdue.  Last night I decided sort of last minute to cook dinner for them.  I definitely get foreign fridge nerves because 1) I don't know what they have for ingredients and 2) I don't know if the ingredients they do have are lactose free (they are non-lactarded).
  I decided to start with a glass of wine for me :) so I poured some Smoking Loon Pinot Grigio.  I also decided to "keep it simple stupid" as my dad would say.  I noticed some lemon juice and thought that even if they didn't have lemon-pepper seasoning I could at least add pepper and the miracle whip to the juice and mimic the sauce for the lemon-pepper salmon recipe I have.  Easily enough, they had even better lemon-pepper seasoning than I use, it was the kind you fresh grind...yum yum yum.  So I eye-balled that sauce together (I will list it here so you don't have to search) and pulled out the chicken thighs they had.  I had no idea chicken thighs were so fatty!  I spent a lot of time trimming the fat off these things which was a frustrating task, I will definitely be sticking to organic chicken breasts like I normally buy.
  While poking around for ideas for the salad I noticed they had Tomato-Basil Cabot Cheddar and I couldn't help but feel like I scored a big one.  I cut off a few thinnish slices.  I put one slice in the middle of each thigh (thighs come splayed open so you just have to fold it over).  I covered a broiler pan in tinfoil and placed the folded-over chicken thighs on and then covered them with the lemon sauce.
  Leaving the oven door cracked open I broiled the chicken thighs for 9minutes on high, flipped, and again for 9 minutes on high.  The cheese definitely melts out a little but don't worry, there is plenty of flavor left inside.  These came out very moist and very tasty and the cheese and sauce actually went quite excellently together.  (Admittedly I was worried.)
  With the chicken we had salads with greens, dried cranberries, sweet onion, cucumber, and carrots.  Mom and Dad added a little feta to their salads (which I obviously couldn't do...sad face).  Very delish.  Left us satisfied and not stuffed and didn't feel heavy or greasy.  Sorry, I didn't take pictures this time!

  • Chicken
  • Cabot Tomato-Basil Cheddar
-Sauce - recommend small amounts, goes a long way
  • Lemon-pepper seasoning - add to taste
  • lemon juice - eye ball amount
  • miracle whip - add to desired consistency

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