Saturday, April 21, 2012

Restaurant Review: Salt Hill in Hanover

Salt Hill in Hanover NH

So I called Salt Hill at about 4:30 in the afternoon and asked if they took reservations.  I was told that they did so I then asked "Can I make a reservation for 8 for 7:30?"  The guy on the phone said "no."  Long pause..."Is that because you're busy, are you not taking reservations tonight, are there other options?"  What the heck guy!?  Ended up with an 8:30 reservation despite the very odd "customer service."  So we get there, sit down and order drinks.  Our waitress was very nice but it took the bar forever to get a whiskey on ice, vodka soda and a beer out to our table...and the place was not busy.  We then ordered some food and eventually another round of drinks.  The band...The Canniption Fits...started playing and they were GREAT, loud in Salt Hill but great.  The acoustics of this restaurant are terrible, everything is just loud.  They have done a lot of work trying to fix the problem and it has gotten better but still SO loud.  My group had a pretty great time but I bumped into a friend of mine and they were not having as much fun.  Their waitress was beyond terrible.  They were quietly sitting back talking to me and the waitress comes by and slams/drops my friend's drink onto the table in a fly-by maneuver making me jump and I thought I was going to be wearing the drink.  She didn't even break her stride (and again...not that busy).  The other girl at the table had been waiting so long for her drink she finally just went up to the bar to get it.

I like Salt Hill but I have to say the service has been pretty bad for awhile.  I think they are pretty lucky that they are located in the middle of Hanover, have average food and get good bands sometimes.  I have witnessed one of the bar tenders slam his fist down on the bar and yell at a patron...inexcusable...and nobody else intervened.  That is more than likely a lost customer and so is anyone she goes out with.  It's a nice central relaxed neutral atmosphere place to meet but I have to admit, I'm over the staff treating the customers like a problem and not the whole reason they are open.

I was a waitress for many years in a very busy bar/restaurant so it's not like I don't know the difficulties of the job, I do have empathy but...c'mon.

So in summary.  The service could use a major overhaul.  John Howe rules.  Oh, and I love their dance parties with Shar4.

Do love Salt Hill Lebanon.

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  1. I'm with you. I watched a waitress there (probably the same one) bump into someone's chair and spill 1/4 of a beer into their coat as a result. She stopped, looked at what had been done, then w/o saying or doing anything walked off and continued working. She *never* did anything about it. I had to get up and tell the guy what happened so he could clean it up himself.

    I'm not sure how people can get away with working in the service industry and be such poor service people.