Sunday, April 15, 2012

Restaurant Review: Molly's in Hanover

Molly's Restaurant & Bar

  Jesse and I have recently gone under contract on a house!  We are so excited!  Because of work we haven't been able to go out and celebrate together so after my 12hr shift I ran home and we went out to dinner.  One of our favorite places to go in The Upper Valley is Molly's (I am particularly a fan of the $2 margaritas haha).
  Arrived there at 8:30 and had a 15min wait (kinda stinks for so late but a good testament to how good the food + atmosphere is).  Our waitress was very nice and unimposing...have to say I personally dislike it when they check in ALL the time, ya know?  She was quick with drinks and the bread that they serve to everyone.
  The bread is delicious, it comes with this whipped butter that I remember being very good but I obviously can no longer eat.  It is unfortunately lightly sprinkled with cheddar cheese that is not lactose free.  We eat the bread anyway and just pop a couple lactose pills. :)
  Jesse ordered the ribs and I ordered my usual avocado apple salad.  The ribs were very good, not overcooked and covered with a delicious sauce.  The fries are pretty much just fries with pepper on them. Jesse thoroughly enjoyed his meal and suffered no lacto-tack so we discovered a new menu item we can eat!
  My salad does come with cheese on it but that is simple enough to just ask them not to add.  The dressing is very very good, very light and it compliments the apple and avocado well.  I added chicken to my salad and it's just your average restaurant chicken, nothing super exciting but the salad is otherwise excellent.
  Let's talk margarita.  Dirt cheap, yummy and definitely gets the job done.

I love Molly's.  It's located right near Dartmouth College right in the heart of Hanover.  Great for dinner and drinks on a date or with a group of friends.  Large diverse menu.  Another great thing about Molly's is their menu clearly labels gluten free meals and vegetarian meals...but not lactose free.  Maybe I will talk to them about that... :)

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