Monday, April 30, 2012

Restaurant Review: 3 Guys Basement BBQ

Hanover has a BBQ place?!  Saweeet!  The other night Jesse and I were very excited to try out Hanover's newest restaurant 3 Guys Basement BBQ.  Went with our friends Casey and Leah and had a blast with them but were admittedly disappointed in the restaurant.  They have completely missed the price boat.  But I will get to that after I tell you about our experience.

We arrive and have only a 15 minute wait, the man greeting us at the door was very nice and welcoming...but there is no real place to wait, you kinda just feel in the way and are staring at people eating their dinner (if I were those people I would really be disappointed in our table).

So we sit down.  Silverware, napkins, homemade ketchup, sweet BBQ sauce and spicy BBQ sauce come in a metal bucket for the middle of your table, very BBQ joint so it works.  We are greeted by a waiter in training, no problem.  He was very nice and clearly wanted to do his job well, points.  Jesse ordered 60 minute Dogfishhead IPA from the tap (he was definitely excited) and I got a Bulleit Bourbon on the rocks (one of my favorites).  I also ordered a soda to have with my meal.  The drinks did take a little while to get to the table but nothing out of the ordinary for a new restaurant with new staff, no problem there.  Once he dropped off the drinks we didn't really see the trainee again but were taken over by the actual waitress who was great (and also a lactard!).  She was very helpful and knowledge-able about the food and clearly cared to get the orders right.  We started with House Smoked Kielbasa which came with pickled red onions, apple compote and house mustard which equaled MAJOR DELICIOUSNESS and I think worth-ish the $10.  We both ordered the half rack of ribs and I was under the impression that it came WITH a side (I just assumed, totally my bad) but the sides are $4 for a side cup of apple cider slaw!...(which was good but not worth $4).

So since Casey, Jesse and I all ordered the ribs they all came together in a big dish, very BBQ joint so again, it works.  The ribs were okay.  The dry rub they use is good but the ribs were over cooked and dry.  unfortunately for 3 Guys I recently had some pretty AWESOME ribs at Bailey's in Fairlee Vermont.  At Bailey's it was $1.50/huge honkin' rib and when I picked each rib up the meat LITERALLY slid right off the bone.  So for $7.50 I got 5 huge delicious perfectly cooked ribs at Baileys plus a couple bucks for some sweet potato fries and I also ordered a beer.  So for lets say about $15 at Bailey's I got a great meal and a beer which only gets me some mediocre ribs at 3 Guys.

So a little about the lactose free side of things:  pretty safe place to eat.  The only things to really avoid are the breads and the dessert but this place is really about the meat anyway so who cares?

So let's recap.  Friendly great staff and different restaurant choice in a town that loves a good restaurant.  Great concept...BUT...poorly put into practice.  3 Guys Basement BBQ has a chance to really offer something great and different to the palates of The Upper Valley but they are over charging for mediocre entrees.  They are charging like they have the best BBQ restaurant around when what they are delivering is a BBQ Joint with mediocre BBQ.  C'mon I don't think the 3 Irish Guys with sunglasses would approve.  This bourbon and BBQ lovin' irish chick doesn't.  Recommendation: keep everything the same but deliver better BBQ AND lower your prices.

Oh and I forgot to mention...NO cell service and no wi-fi.


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