Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cultured Almond Milk Yogurt

Found a surprising treat at the Co-op the other day: Almond Milk CULTURED yogurt.  I was pretty excited about this because this seemed like it would taste more like the yogurt I used to eat!  Well, it didn't taste exactly the same but it was pretty good (I think I built it up a lot in my head so at first I was disappointed).  After the first bite where I had to grow accustomed to yet another new yogurt taste (remember soy yogurt post?) I realized I really liked it.  I had cherry today but I also got: strawberry, blueberry and raspberry.  There was also peach and plain available but I chose to just get some flavors in case I didn't like it...but...I do :)  I do like it better than the soy yogurt.

So here are some other facts that can be found at
Soy free
no GMO
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
6 Live active cultures

....oops forgot to mention it is also vegan :)

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