Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cookies from the Cookie Jar

I decided to make Jesse some cookies tonight to celebrate him sending in his last test for his class this semester...and also to pick him up because it was a frustrating last day too :(  Anyway.  He feels better now..."Video games and cookies, not so bad!" - Jesse.

We also got in to see our house today and do some measuring! :-D  We then got to enjoy a little bit of what we will be close to, we went and walked the rail trail and made our way down to a pond which had 2 Canada Geese swimming around in it.  It was a pretty fabulous day.
(so excited for his future work bench...<3 my goober)

So when deciding to make the cookies I decided to use one of my cookie jars and it made it super easy and clean!  I spooned the ingredients out which was made really easy because the brown sugar creates a nice barrier between the sugars and the powders.  Went super smooth and came out tasting great as usual! I did decide to lop a minute off the time for my oven at this apartment...each oven is an individual.

I did want to share one silly moment:

I reached into the fridge and took out the eggs.  I then went and did something completely unrelated for a couple minutes and came back and started gathering together the wet ingredients.  I had asked Jesse earlier if we had eggs or not and he had told me yes (which keep in mind are on the counter).  I open the fridge (which doesn't contain much: some condiments, some vegetables, some grapefruit juice) and proclaim "BABE! There are no eggs!  You said there were eggs!"  To which he calmly replied: "They are on the counter."  Let me just make my excuses...I was born very blonde and even though it has naturally turned to a brunette my inner roots must still be blonde...

Anyway, just a quick funny :)

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