Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cookie Jars For Sale!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Jars
with mini morsels
Lactose Free Directions
(also see Chocolate Chip Cookie Post for non-lactard directions)

I have to admit I'm over the moon excited about this, it was just really fun to do.  I've been noticing similar and often more flashy options but the makers always say they had to alter their recipe!  Well guess what, I didn't!!!! HAH!  This is the same recipe with FULL dry ingredients included....except for the chocolate chips...unfortunately there is about half the volume of chocolate to cookie as normal but at least the cookie will taste right!  I also don't typically use mini morsels but I thought they would distribute better throughout the dough since I'm using less volume of chocolate...problem solved?  Another will actually make a decent amount of cookies, several dozen.
 So cute right!?  So the usual cookie jar will be with cow pattern fabric but I would definitely be willing to personalize for special orders.  If you have specific colors or a theme let me know!  I would even change some text around if you wanted someone's name on it or to have it say a special message.

The blog post can be found here:
Lactarded: Chocolate Chip Cookies

The ingredients I used are King Arthur Flour (a local company!!), Ghirardelli mini semi sweet morsels (dairy free but made in a plant that processes dairy...Jesse and I have never had an issue), and domino sugars, arm and hammer baking soda and finally Morton salt.

You will also notice that I enclosed the chocolate morsels in plastic...for a reason.  Other cookie jar presentations would have you dump it all into a bowl and mix...well mine you can do just that but keep the chocolate separate so you can use an actual mixer and then gently fold in the chocolate morsels.

These are now available on Etsy! Lactarded: Chocolate Chip Cookie Jar

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