Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cheesecake nutrition facts

So I'm STILL impressed with how good the cheesecake is from the previous post.  I have been wondering exactly how it stacks up nutrition fact wise with real cheesecake because maybe everyone should eat it...since it is SUPER delish.

Cream Cheese Comparison: (info collected from

                           Tofutti              vs.            Cream Cheese
serving size:      2 tablespoons                    1 ounce
calories:             85                                      100
cals from fat:     45                                      81
total fat:             5g                                      9g
saturated fat:      2g                                      6g
Cholesterol:       not listed                            35mg
total carbs:         9g                                       1g
sugars:               2g                                      not listed
protein:              1g                                       2g
Sodium:             160mg                              not listed

So one very important thing...1 tablespoon = 0.5 ounces soooo....these are comparable.  There are pros and cons to both.  If you're a diabetic the Tofutti would mean covering yourself with more insulin.  However, if you are a calories/fats person then the Tofutti wins.  To me...Tofutti looks healthier...but still definitely the definition of cream cheese, not so great for you but a nice treat :).

Sour Cream Comparison: (info collected from

                            Tofutti               vs.               Sour Cream
serving size:         2 tablespoons                       2 teaspoons (?!...)
calories:               85                                         60
cals from fat:      45                                          45
total fat:               5g                                         5g
saturated fat:        2g                                         3.5g
cholesterol:          not listed                               20mg
total carbs:           9g                                         1g
sugars:                 2g                                         1g
protein:                1g                                         1g
sodium:               160mg                                  not listed

So not apples to apples here.  There are 3 teaspoons in every tablespoon so that means there are 6 teaspoons in the 2 tablespoon serving size.  So... here is the updated sour cream nutrition facts:
serving size:  6 teaspoons
calories:  180
calls from fat: 135
total fat:  15g
sat fat:  10.5g
cholesterol:  60mg
total carbs:  3g
sugars:  3g
protein:  3g
sodium:  yeah still not listed :-p

So same story for the diabetics out there but who on EARTH can eat only 2 tiny teaspoons of sour cream?  No dollop of daisy was ever the size of 2 teaspoons, definitely more the size of 2 tablespoons!

Anyway, not as drastic as I thought it would be but I think (and what do I really know?) that my Tofutti cheesecake rocks over regular.  Tastes the same (maybe better) and lower cal + lower fat and lets not forget...LACTOSE FREE!  My stomach is happy :)

and now off to do some lunges at the gym...

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