Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wedding Cake

Today was a 79 degree day and the middle of March, beautiful.  No better day to take a ride along the Kancamagus Highway especially since at the other end awaited CAKE!  Jesse and I are tying the knot 9/15/2012 and we figured it was time to book a bakery so we met my parents and sister (maid of honor) in North Conway NH (near-ish to the wedding site) to try some cake.  We had a great day.  It started with an absolutely amazing lunch at Peaches (which didn't have a lot of Lactard safe choices but were VERY good about handling our food differently).

We then met at White Mountain Cupcakery and had such a blast.  I had called before-hand and forewarned them of our lactarded-ness so they made up special cakes and frosting for us to try.  They were amazing.  We tried chocolate, vanilla and lemon while we were there and salivated over the cupcakes in the display window.  I won't share more because some of you who read this blog will be attending the wedding and a little surprise factor never hurt :).

The best part (other than the baked goods) of White Mountain Cupcakery is the owners, they are the kind of people you WANT to do business with.  Check out their website: White Mountain Cupcakery + Facebook page!

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