Thursday, March 8, 2012

Can you eat egg?

Can you eat egg?  I get this question ALL the time in various forms:
1.  So no milk, butter, egg or cheese?
2.  You can't eat egg?!
3.  Can you eat eggs?
4.  Does that include eggs?

Most (not all...) quickly realize why that is a funny question.  I'm kind of confused by it though.  It's not which came first the egg or the cow...  Egg is the only non dairy item people ask about, there are NO others.  Just egg.  Why the egg?  Eggs come from ovaries not mammary glands.

I have been asked this question SO much I decided to test out google to see if it had any information on this phenomenon:
-  One website thinks it's because people equate "dairy" with "animal byproduct."  I don't buy into this theory because they don't ask about pork, chicken, lamb, veal...etc etc.
-  Someone else postulated that it was because eggs are often found in the "dairy" isle of grocery stores...I thought they were found in the refrigerated know...with milk, cheese, yogurt and oh um orange juice (also not dairy btw).
-  Another person said it DEFINITELY was dairy and decided to quote a Jewish now I will quote them: "of or pertaining to those foods, including all milk products, eggs, fish, vegetables, etc., that may be eaten at a meal in which milk is served, in contrast to meat and meat products, which may not" First of all...I think they took that out of context.  Second, by their reading comprehension (or lack of) fish and vegetables are dairy?  They then go on to tell everyone who disagrees with them that their IQ must be in the toilet.  Winner.

So here are some facts:
  1. Eggs contain no lactose.
  2. Chickens do not even have mammary glands.
  3. Lactards can eat eggs with these exceptions
    1. they are not mixed with milk
    2. they are not cooked in butter
    3. they are not covered in cheese
    4. you do not also eat a yogurt at the same time

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