Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sneak Attack

So I went out to for drinks with a couple of friends and PURPOSEFULLY ordered something that should have been lactose free...but wasn't.  I ordered a hummus plate with vegetables and pita bread (which is always lactose free to my knowledge).  My friends were even asking me what it was like to be lactose free and I was talking about how much it kinda sucked but that if I just avoided it it was fine.

I thought I was avoiding it!

The plate came with some feta on it...easy enough, just don't eat it.  I pushed the little pile off to the side and focused on the pita bread and cucumbers with the hummus.  Yummy.  Not long after eating this I all of a sudden started not feeling good.  This was a huge disappointment because I had NO dairy pills with me or at home :(.  Very big sad face.

Ate a small enough amount that I was able to sleep for a couple hours through the stomach cramps and just woke up the next morning and went and got lactose pills.

Another bummer, accidentally bought the vanilla chewable ones....GROSS!!!!  Jesse can chew them no problem but it's literally like chewing chalk...ew!  They come in chocolate flavor, knowing how the vanilla went I think the "chocolate" is probably a loosely used term and is probably equally as disgusting.  I ended up just breaking them into pieces and swallowing them without chewing.

Moral of the story...even when you're careful dairy will probably find lactose pills and have them on hand at all times.


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