Friday, January 27, 2012

Hibachi Grill Badness

Decided to go out to eat with some friends and my sister.  My friend suggested a hibachi grill (which I have not eaten at one since I was a kid) so I thought that they would probably use oil and soy sauce and be dairy free.  WRONG.  They bring their little cart out and it has a BUCKET of butter on it (ok maybe just a large bowl) and they start taking huge chunks out of this and slapping it into the food.  I was like "uh-oh."  I was home visiting my parents for the dairy pills...and getting ready to die.

Unlike Jesse I can survive without lactose pills for probably 30-45 minutes.  After dinner my sister drove me to the nearest place where I could buy Lactaid.  I bought the largest box and started in.  It helped to soften the suffering but an entire box and a night of sleep later I just told myself "I'M NEVER EATING DAIRY AGAIN!"

Lessons learned:
1.  Never EVER EVER EVER be without lactose pills
2.  Never assume something will be dairy free
3.  Just stop eating dairy!
4.  I hate the taste of lactose pills

*Burp*  I Hate hibachi...

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