Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lemon Pepper Salmon

Jesse brought something to my attention...I pretty much only talk about baking on here...can't help it, I love it.  But anyway, in response to that I'm going to put up a recipe that I use a lot and is one that has helped me to lose the 26lbs.  Yay!
The recipe I originally started with is from the book Eating for Life by Bill Phillips.  I have since, however, completely stopped using the recipe and eyeballing everything.  This recipe actually wants you take a fresh lemon and squeeze the juice out...I squeezed the lemon once and then I bought lemon juice.  The recipe has very specific measurements and blah blah blah but if it looks good it will be good.

The recipe calls for fat free mayo: I use lite miracle whip

So combine an eye balled amount of miracle whip, lemon juice and lemon/pepper seasoning into a bowl, the amount should be able to generously cover the salmon you're cooking.  Then...broil the salmon.  DONE!  I usually steam some broccoli to go with is.  I also tend to cheat and sprinkle some Cabot cheese on it (because Cabot is lactose free remember!).

That is what I had for dinner last night and it was yumalicious.   Enjoy!

5/11/12  So I have done a little alteration to this recipe!  Jesse brought home this pomegranate seasoning from the Co-Op and I have been a little addicted to pomegranate lately so I decided to put it on EVERYTHING, salmon included.  So here is my story:

Went to the gym...burned 1,000 calories. BOO YEAH, take that wedding dress...but now I'm ravenous.  RAVENOUS and sweaty so of course it's time to go out in public to the grocery store.  Walk up to the fish counter and order a 1/2lb of Black Pearl Salmon (never frozen, yummy yum yuminee) and she lops off 0.65lb and asks "Is that okay?"  I'm a it's really not, a half pound was even more than I needed but instead of having her trim it down I'm like "Yeah, that's fine thank you!"  Probably had something to do with my stomach trying to eat itself.

Anyway, get home, get the oven set to broil and pull out the ingredients.  About a tablespoon of light miracle whip, maybe a tablespoon of lemon juice? (I eyeball everything so I really have no idea) and then several heavy shakes of the pomegranate seasoning.  Mix well, slather over salmon, broil and eat!  This is awesome, a major improvement over the lemon-pepper version.  The salmon tastes like it is cooked in pomegranate flavored butter.  This is a must try for everyone, even you lucky non-lactards.

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