Monday, December 5, 2011


BEYOND excited to discover that as a lactard I can still enjoy egg-nog!  Silk and Lactaid are two brands I have found so far.  Currently I have only tried the Silk version and it is awesome!  Speaking of...I'm going to get up and get a glass right now...I'll be right back.

Back! Delicious.  L-O-V-I-N-G it.

Also, I have also recently tried the chocolate milk from Silk which is also very very good.  Jesse refuses to try Silk anything because he has something against consuming soy...because he is a guy?

Short and sweet :)


  1. Did you make it at home using Silk and Lactaid? Or do they have a store bought ready made version of their products?

    Did Jesse tell you about the eggnog I used to make every year at our eggnog party that you eat with a spoon?

    I call it a "heart attack" in a cup.


  2. Ready made! I was going to attempt to make it but then we found it at the grocery store.

    He didn't tell me but it sounds awesome!