Monday, November 14, 2011

Yogurt without the hurt

I have always eaten a yogurt/greek yogurt just about every day of my life...I miss that.  When I first realized I was lactose intolerant I also realized one of the big culprits was yogurt in all its forms.  So I quickly lost one of my main sources of calcium and one of the foods I ate to maintain my weight (just before all this I had lost about 20lbs!!!).

So anyway...Yogurt.  It wasn't one of the worst things but it definitely didn't feel  good either.  I cut this and milk pretty much completely out of my diet but in the back of my head I was very worried:
  1. I'm a woman and concerned about future bone density
  2. There is a cancer that has popped up in my family that attacks bone density
  3. I plan to have children in the next couple of years and would like my body to be fit and healthy
I obviously need some calcium.  I am taking a vitamin (as the bottle prescribes twice a day) and I talked about this with my PCP and she is in agreement that I need to be conscious of still trying to get calcium rich foods into my diet.  I drink calcium enriched OJ and when I can convince myself calcium enriched lactarded milk (eeeeew).  I am also branching out into soy yogurt.  Not so yummy in general but I have discovered two flavors that I like.  Peach complements the sweetness of the soy well and raspberry's tartness covers it.  Blueberry and strawberry (my previous two favorite yogurt flavors) are sadly a HUGE flop.

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