Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Newly Lactarded

  For 25 years I enjoyed butter, milk, cheese, yogurt and icecream and then more.  Sad face? YES!  I LOVE dairy!  I always used to say I had the "icecream gene."  I was so can I bake now?  How do I cook in general?  What do I put on my cereal????!!! (That stuff they claim is milk is NOT milk!)
  Sadly there are some things I just can't replace...milk.  But I am finding I can work aroud the dairy issue pretty well!  So this blog is about my journey to discovering how to be lactarded.

My story:

  I met my now fiancĂ© Jesse about a year and a half ago, quickly learning he was lactose intolerant.  I was immediately bummed because I didn't know how to cook for him!  I had limited recipes that were completely dairy free and I was also quickly developing an aversion to reading labels...annoying.  Long story short, we went out to eat a lot.  I would sometimes come home and be very uncomfortable and Jesse would tease me and say I was lactose intolerant.  Eventually he stopped teasing and was serious.  One night after making an AWESOME cream cheese + ranch dip (plus many other things but you get the dairy idea) I was MISERABLE.  Jesse convinced me to try some lactose pills and amazingly (and to my dismay) they worked.  :'(
  I quickly learned that if I ate dairy free I felt better.  It was a struggle though because I would auto-pilot to foods I usually ate and would discover that yes there was milk in it.  I have begrudingly become a label reader and very much miss things I used to eat.  In fact lets say a formal goodbye to some of those things:
Greek Yogurt
majority of bread products

So that being said...I refuse to let it affect me so much!  I want to bake and cook!  I have found some ways around dairy and everything is a work in progress.  The recipes I intend to post are adapted from other recipes and I will try to post where the originals can be found.  Please try these recipes out and let me know how you tweaked them!  Let's work on some amazing lactarded recipes!

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